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Quality Guarantee

X-Source issues 1 year warranty to Buyer that Customer orders products from X-Source.

In the case of returns, we will make a replacement (or refund) if there is inventory, and a refund if there is no stock.
The price of the product is fixed. We do not accept warranty that exceed the price of products. The maximum of the warranty cost is not higher than product price.The warranty period for the product starts when the product arrives at the customer.

1.1. The buyer must notify x-source within 7 days after the failure of electronic components and produce a detailed analysis report of the failed electronic components

2. If the customer returns the product to x-source, the customer shall prove that the product was purchased from x-source and was not purchased from x-source. The return shall be in the original packaging (manufacturer or x-source), unused and untested (except for defects). ESD, programmable semiconductor or humidity sensitive products should not be turned on

3. The return within the warranty period shall not apply to any electronic component failure caused by the buyer's negligence and misuse (including misuse related to the handling, storage, transportation or installation of electronic components)

4. This warranty does not apply if the independent third party testing laboratory designated by x-source determines that the product operates as described in the manufacturer's data sheet on the date of manufacture. The test fee shall be paid by the buyer. The conclusion of the independent third party is decisive in determining the rights of both parties under this guarantee.

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